The Ultimate Crab Cake


Faidley Seafood, Lexington Market – Baltimore, MD

Located at the tail end of what is essentially a flea market you will find one of the most unassuming gems the world has ever known. A crab cake so good it actually makes all of those fisherman who died on “Deadliest Catch” worth while.

But this cake doesn’t get buy on crutches like fillers and sauces and “angry” spices. Oh no. This cake is all crab. In fact, it’s so jam-packed full of fresh crab it’s almost hard to call it a cake. It’s more like a “wad,” but my guess is “crab wad” wouldn’t sell very well.


222 Albemarle St. Baltimore, MD 21202(410)


If you’re looking for an éclair the size of Warren Sapp’s femur, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, pretty much every dessert in this place is so massive it’s like a weeks worth of calories per pastry. I’m guessing they never got the memo on the whole diabetes epidemic.

All that aside, I still urge you to go. It’s an immoral imperative, easily checking off the gluttony box on your bucket list of seven deadly sins. But it’s not just a gimmick, the sweets are actually pretty sweet. It reminds me of the Royal Canadian Pancake House in New York, circa 1993 (RIP). They used to serve pancakes the size of manhole covers, but I digress.

Other stars to look out for are the cannolis (pictured) and the almond cookies. Just be sure not to book a blood sugar level test any time too soon.

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