Belgian Beer Café

220 5th Ave. New York, NY 10001(212)


If your looking for a nice Belgian brew, you’ve come to the right place. Everything from Duvel and Chimay to Hoegaarden and Leffe. On tap or bottled depending on your fancy. Great place for a beer after work.

If you’re looking for moules frites, you will also be pleasantly surprised as the options are quite good and quite inventive as well, like the orange-saffron which was bread dippin’ good.

If you’re looking for a burger, however, you will be disappointed. While it sounds good on paper, it’s nothing special to taste, and the lettuce they served on it was a wilted abomination. Fortunately the fries that came with it were better than the burger itself.

And last but not least, if you’re looking for how many knives, it’s about a two and a half. But I’m sure I’ll be back, so check again for an updated review.

2 teeth

Petite Abeille

44 W 17th St. New York, NY 10011(212)


For breakfast on a weekday, great options around the city drop off fast. Fortunately Petite Abeille picks up some of that slack. It’s cute, quaint, good and best of all, not too pricey.

It’s Belgian in case you’ve never been, so about 40% of the menu is devoted to waffle based dishes (which most people get). That said, unless you are nuts about waffles, I’d say skip ’em. I’ve had better at places that don’t specialize in waffles and that aren’t Belgian.

That said, the goat cheese omelet is great and the eggs come with a leek and potato mash that is out of this world! Up there with the likes of Cookshop or Clinton Street Baking Co.

3 teeth