The Ultimate Pulled Pork Sandwich

TU-0509 Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Dutch – New York, NY

I’m sure everyone South of the Mason-Dixon line will beg to differ on this one, but I’ve had my share of Southern and Texas-Style pulled pork sammies and none of them hold a candle to the one they make at The Dutch. First of all, because the pork isn’t the usual dry, shredded crap. It’s moist and the chunks of meat have substance to them, bringing their own juices to the party as opposed to just the sauce. But let’s not get hasty, the sauce is by all means the key to greatness and The Dutch sticks the landing mos def. A spicy BBQ sauce that slaps your mouth upside its head and says, “Pay attention!” And my mouth was riveted. Oh, and the red cabbage slaw the comes on top of it is the perfect creamy, mustardy counterweight. My tongue still has dreams about it.