The Blazer Pub

440 Rt 22 Purdys, NY 10578 • (914)


I think legislation needs to be passed to hold Yelpers accountable for gross negligence of opinion. I mean to call this burger the “best burger in Westchester” is criminal. Worse still, some dolt actually went so far as to say “in the world.” Yes, maybe in your tiny little world that stretches from Purdy to Croton to Yorktown Heights, but in the ACTUAL world, this burger is terrorism on a bun.

For starters, the meat itself is egregious. Dry, overworked and overcooked, crumbling apart like Tom Brady’s alibi. Plus, the patty is way too small for the hard roll they serve it on, throwing the balance completely off. Well, that would’ve been the case had there been any semblance of balance to begin with, because all of the proportions are FUBAR on the Blazer Burger (pictured). Too much of everything except the actual burger itself, drowning in caramelized onions, a thick, flavorless beefsteak tomato, jarred pickles, crispy bacon and romaine.

The Celsius Burger might’ve been even worse, because it didn’t even have the benefit of syphoning moisture off of the onions. Luckily I had a plethora, so I shared. Otherwise I think we would’ve eaten even less than we actually did.

Oh, and speaking of not finishing, don’t even get me started on the “French Fries.” Basically a pile of two by fours made of potato with zero seasoning. We ordered a medium plate for four people and after we were finished there was still enough fries to serve our leftovers as a medium portion to four people, and that would’ve still been considered a large portion in my opinion.

The Guinness on tap is bitter, the lemonade is Snapple and the décor is a dump. Granted that’s intended to be part of its charm. It didn’t work (charmed would not be a word I would use to describe how I felt). About the only thing that was working at The Blazer was our waitress. No complaints on service. But why people flock here is beyond me. And flock they did. Gobbling up this dog food as if the antidote was in it. And perhaps it is, because you’d have to be sick to think this place is deserving of four stars.

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3 thoughts on “The Blazer Pub

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  2. Sorry “Ferocious”, I think you are terribly off and did not properly review The Blazer Pub. The burgers are great, but for a particular type of burger lover, yet the real gems of this place are the fries, the Cape Codd reuben (fried panko codd with swiz and tartar or rye), their panko chicken fingers and wings, the wonderful soup, and warmest staff in Westchester.

    I personally love their blue and bacon burger. It has the most delicious blue cheese melted on the thick burger patty, with their crispy bacon on a soft bun. No veggies or ketchup needed! This has a better roll than the Blazer Burger, if you ask me.

    I think you “get off” at complaining and that’s why I challenge you to try their one of a kind cream of tomato soup, or their award winning wings with their homemade, thigh busting, blue cheese. I dare you.


    • Dear Alyson,

      If you spent any extensive time on my blog you would see that I “get off” on food in general. And I spend just as much care writing about the greats as I do the not-so greats. But at the end of the day it all boils down to subjectivity. I’m sorry you disagree. And you very well might be right about the reuben, wings and tomato soup, but unless someone is treating me, I would be hard-pressed to spend my hard-earned cash at The Blazer Pub again. As they say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… That said, should a restaurant apocalypse break out and Blazer is the only restaurant on Earth that’s been spared, I will be sure to fork over the coin and give it a second chance.



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