The Swizzle Inn

3 Blue Hole Hill, Baileys Bay CR 04, Bermuda(441) 293-1854 •


As the slogan states on the door, “Swizzle Inn. Swagger Out.” And that’s pretty much what I did. After two or four “Swizzles” (their namesake cocktail and potent variation on a Rum Punch), I found myself not only losing count of my Swizzles (pictured), but losing a bit of my balance as well. Fortunately I wasn’t driving or I probably would’ve gotten into a Swaccident.

As I recall, they even have food, which I also vaguely recollect eating, but it’s most certainly not the headliner. As a supporting role however, it’s passable. And a bit of a necessity to absorb the alcohol.

If you go, please don’t drive or moped your way there. Be safe and take a cab. Heck, if you want to be really safe, don’t even ride a bike or walk. Have someone carry you.

3 teeth

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