The Oceanaire

50 S 6th St. Minneapolis, MN 55403(612)


Coming from the East Coast, it’s a bit hard to accept that a place so far from any ocean would position itself as such a seafood Mecca. And as no surprise, Oceanaire falls horribly short of the high end seafood restaurants you might find near any coast.

But, within the confines of the Minneapolis comparative, it isn’t too bad. Lots of options. Great for large parties, especially of the business variety. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that its average Yelp star count of 4 is equal to the same star count in the coastal equivalents. Because adjusted by comparison, this place is exactly what I rated it. Particularly if you factor in the hefty price tag.

On the plus side, the service has always been excellent, they have some choice wine options and if you stick to the stuff that holds up to being frozen, for example shrimp cocktail or fattier fishes like salmon, you’ll never see its cracks. Order the swordfish, however, and the mercury in it will be the least of your concerns. Served so overcooked and dry it rendered the dish a complete waste of money. Like if you went to Morton’s and order a filet medium rare and it came back as a charcoal briquette.

Oh and as for the “nice” decor that I keep seeing props for, it’s located in an indoor walkway/mall for Christ sake! I’m not exactly sure what passes for nice these days in Minneapolis, but Oceanaire squeaks by as passable if you ask moi.

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