110 E 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 • (212)


I’ve only ordered from here, so this review excludes service and decor.

So as for the food, what I got was just okay, not great. Grilled veggies on ciabatta with herbed goat cheese, minestrone soup and the oatmeal cookies. The best of the 3 was definitely the sandwich, which, as I already suggested, wasn’t exactly life altering. It was passable sustenance.  The ciabatta being a little too doughy- missing that crunchy outer shell.

And as for the soup, it was rather bland. As was the cookie. Both the kinds of things you fear when you order from a place that prides itself on healthy eating. But the thing about healthy is that it’s also simple. And when something is simple, it’s all about the ingredients. No sauces to hide behind. No mayo or deep frying. So, if you want healthy AND flavor I suggest walking a few blocks over to Terri, Sweetgreen or Blue Dog. All three are better. And there are several others too. Yes, so many magnifique options in the area, to ever venture back to Organique.

2 teeth

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