McCoy’s Bar & Grill

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport • 9300 Airport Blvd. Orlando, FL 32827(407) 825-1340


It’s in an airport inside a hotel, so this is obviously not a destination unto itself unless you are a culinary masochist, but even with these two categorical strikes against it from the onset, it actually managed to hit the spot in the end.

Certainly a very hit and miss experience, I mean who are we kidding, but our waiter was very honest and very good. Steering us toward the better things on the menu, which helped. However, even within those, there were still a few misses as well.

Of the hits I would give shout outs to the red wine blend by the glass, Chateau St. Jean. And to the Thai chicken wings (pictured).

After that, the fish bites were okay. As were the stuffed jalapenos. The only flat out miss was the hummus, served with the same chips you’d find at Whole Foods. The octagonal ones with the flax seeds.

But net, net, it’s a solid stop before a flight to grab a drink and a quick bite- if you know what to bite, that is.

2 teeth


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