The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

1 S Park St. Apt 103A San Francisco, CA 94107(415)


Ya gotta love the grilled cheese sandwich. It can virtually do no wrong. That said, there are varying degrees of right, and this place is definitely doing a lot of things right.

For starters, their tomato soup, a must with GC, is killer. Has a nice sharp cheddar in it to give it some kick. And I loves me some kick.

And the shroom and Gruyere sammy goes perfectly with the soup. However, my one nit is that it doesn’t stand alone. It needs the soup with it to truly shine.

But then the jalapeño popper sammy came along (pictured) and… NAILED IT! This thing is like a grilled dream come true. Assuming you like spicy and you’re not on a diet. But then again, if you’re on a diet you really shouldn’t be entertaining the notion of a grilled cheese restaurant, now should you?

4 teeth


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