The Modern

9 W 53rd St. New York, NY 10019(212)


First of all, you’re in the MOMA over-looking the courtyard, so decor is pretty much a given. And having been there several times now, I have to say, the service has always been good, so that also seems to be a given.

And as for the food, well, it’s complicated. Not the actual complexity of the dishes themselves. My opinion on them. You see, every time I have eaten in the main dining room, be it for lunch or dinner, I have been disappointed. But, every time I eat in the bar area- Wowsers!

And while both manage to serve up platings so artful they could give some of the exhibits a run for their money, only the bar manages to match those looks with substance. So my advice to you, go for some amazing cocktails and one of the better wine lists by the glass, grab a few smaller plates, save some money and enjoy watching other people blow theirs. From happy hour on it’s pretty great for people watching.

So as you gander below, the four knives are just for the bar area. The main dining room would be more like a 2.5.

4 teeth

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