The Smith

956 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10022 • (212) 644-2700 •

I gotta say, they make it pretty damn hard to hate on this place. The décor alone makes me happy. So cool and open with a vibe about it that is social and fun. And I’m not sure what happened with me, but unlike so many other reviews I actually had terrific service. Friendly and attentive and quick.

On the food front, I only had breakfast, so I can’t speak yet about the other two squares of the day. But from what I did have it was a solid good.

The teas seem to be homemade and home packaged. And therefore home good. Much better than the Tazo and Twining crap you find virtually everywhere else.

And the French toast with caramelized bananas (pictured), while not as impressive as the tea, managed to hit the spot, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t soaked through. A major pet peeve of mine. Okay, one of many peeves. Regardless, however, the taste was still solid and so I can only ding it for consistency.

It’s like I stated from the beginning, it’s a hard place not to like, so guess what? I liked it.

3 teeth

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