Village Social

251 E Main St. Mount Kisco, NY 10549 • (914) 864-1255


Once upon a time we discovered Village Social as a plan B, because our plan A had a 30 min wait and we had a three year old in tow. But what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be. So much so that it has often become a plan A ever since. This place is a true jack of all trades, as they manage to do a number of things very well in a host of different cuisines.

Plus, the service is always friendly and accommodating which is another major win. The prices are reasonable- win/win. And the decor is as cool as anything you’d find in the city, so win/win/win. Granted, I know it’s located in a mini strip mall, but once you’re inside you’d never know it.

As for specifics among the varying dishes we’ve had over the years I’d have to give the biggest shout outs to two specials. The first was a burger dressed in a miso marinade with spicy serrano ham and manchego- the combination of flavors was brilliant together. The regular “on menu” 251 burger is good too, but by comparison, let’s just say I wish they’d make that special burger full time.

The other killer special was a carrot cake so wonderful it quite handily holds the title of Ultimate. And I fancy myself a bit of a carrot cake connoisseur (without credentials). In fact I loved it so much that I keep begging them to bring it back. So far, it’s slow going, but if you help me get it on the permanent menu, I promise to share.

The third best gem of the Village is actually on the menu, hallelujah! The scallops. They’re always perfectly cooked and fantastic. Then I’d probably recommend one of the pizzas or the black kale salad.

The short rib grilled cheese is also pretty good, but compared to the sammies at Melts in Armonk, it’s more of a one note deal. A good note, but not quite as interesting.

Another dessert worth getting is the ice cream. It’s SoCo, so no kudos to VS, other then for the good judgement in sourcing, but good nonetheless. I personally recommend the coconut chocolate brownie.

Oh, and speaking of smart sourcing, Alagash White on tap is always a crowd-pleaser. And so are some of their organic wines by the glass. Much better than the usual mediocrity that so often finds its way onto by-the-glass lists.

After that, the drop off gets pretty steep. Lots of hit and miss. Otherwise I’d easily hand them a hearty four knives, but if they promise to bring back that carrot cake and/or the special burger, I promise to up it

3 teeth

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