Astoux and Brun

27 Rue Félix Faure, 06400 Cannes, France • +33 4 93 39 98 94 •

There are two or three Astoux and Brun’s. One is farther up the hill. One is more to the East (with black signage). And one is awesome. The one with the green signage right on the corner at the bottom of the hill near Old Cannes. Skip the other two. Trust me. Green means go.

Scratch that. Green means go CRAZY! Eat seafood like you are trying to deplete the ocean. It’s all so good. The shrimp, the oysters, the snails, the lobster, the branzino. You can’t miss.

And the energy of the place is a lot of fun. Go with a good group, order lots of rosé and then prepare to get finger lickin’ messy.

4 teeth

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