Jewel Bako

239 E 5th St. New York, NY 10003 • (212)


If the name sorta sounds like “Jewel Box” it’s with good reason, the décor is intended to look like one. And from the picture you can see it’s almost as though you are sitting inside a jewelry case, perhaps as one of the jewels, which is how we were treated by our waiter.

Unfortunately, though, I really wish the jewels were on our plate, handled as a little more “precious,” because while it is certainly good, it just doesn’t live up to its price tag. For me, in general, most super high end/expensive sushi joints tend to disappoint. In fact, there is really only one that doesn’t, Nobu. Granted I have yet to eat at Masa, but I heard it’s not worth it either, so I’m not about to rush to another $200+ a person meal just to confirm what I already know. That said, I do find Bako to be a worthy trip over the likes of Megu, Bond St. and Koi.

3 teeth

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