Red Hook Lobster Pound

 284 Van Brunt St. Brooklyn, NY 11231 • (718) 858-7650 •


For a lobster roll in the city, there is only one better that I know of, Pearl Oyster Bar. That said, Red Hook has three types and all are varying degrees of holy shitter- the Maine Style (with mayo), Tuscan Style (with vinegar and herbs) and Connecticut style (with butter and paprika). Maine is normally the kind I’ve had in the past, but I have to say, the Connecticut (pictured) is the one to get. In fact, it’s an Ultimate. The Tuscan is also pretty great. And surprisingly, Maine is my least favorite of the three, but that’s more a reflection of how amazing the first two are, as opposed to how bad the Maine is.

On the downside, 15 bucks for a lobster roll half the size of Pearl’s (which is only 4 bucks more) seems awfully steep. I usually need to eat two of Red Hook’s, they are so small. So, 30 bucks for lunch plus a drink starts to be more $$$ than $$.

As for other dishes, the shrimp roll is a big pass IMO. I like the cracked pepper on it, but it’s really not worth forgoing the main event. Nor is the lobster mac and cheese, which is so poorly done you can taste the fact that this was an afterthought on the menu with its giant lumps of lobster thrown half-assed on top of a very average mac. I think RH should just stick to their core competency.

And last but not least, the decor, while campy and bare bones, is also a touch odd with it’s dining room located confusingly next door to the actual counter. So, you actually have to exit one building and enter another to order your food and then eat it.

Back on the plus side, it’s great place to go instead of eating at the Ikea. And if you go to their Dumbo location in the summer, the view of the city is incredible.

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