The Ultimate Caviar


Momofuku Ko – New York, NY

Once upon a time this would’ve been a two-way tie with Cyrus in Healdsburg, CA (RIP), but since it has closed its doors Momofuku Ko is the last man standing.

So, how do you take something like caviar and make it the caviar of caviar? Well, like Cyrus, Momofuku has figured out two very important pairings. The first is a brother from another mother, a chicken egg. In this case, soft boiled. There is something about the egg to egg combo that takes fish roe to the highest plains of Nirvana imaginable.

The other key is warm, fresh baked bread. But Ko forgoes the blini in favor of a homemade sourdough, which they serve with their very own transcendent radish butter. And once the coupled eggs sit atop this bread and butter dais, prepare to see the back of your skull, because your eyes are about to roll over in ecstasy.

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