The Palm

837 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10017 • (212) 687-2953 •


If you’ve read my review of Smith & Wollensky, The Palm isn’t much better- actually, in some cases worse, because at least they technically know how to cook a steak  at S & W. I have been to the Palm 3 times- fortunately never on my own dime, and one time the kitchen was so off their game they should’ve fired the chef on the spot.

I ordered a steak medium rare (the most common order for steak on the planet) and it took them three tries before they got it right! THREE!!! I’m sorry, but The Palm is coasting on glory long gone.  I honestly cook better steaks on my grill at home and I’m far from a grillmaster.

But here’s the irony, The Palm, while a shitty steakhouse for certain, also happens to be the greatest anomaly on my blog to date, being that they are the ONLY restaurant to ever get only one knife, while also boasting an Ultimate! Their Chicken Paillard is tops.

1 tooth


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