Myong Gourmet

487 Main St. Mount Kisco, NY 10549 • (914) 241-6333 •

Why is it that any time a place has the word “gourmet” in the name it seldom is? Well, not for a lack of trying, Myong has its gourmet moments, but more often than not, it falls short. And while there is something about this place that makes it hard to hate it, there is also plenty to make it just as hard to love. In fact, almost everything here is a dichotomy of elements.

For example the service is very friendly, but painfully slow. The food is good, but the decor is woefully reminiscent of an airport restaurant.

In a vacuum, the food alone would be 3 knives. We had the spicy shrimp app- which is VERY spicy. Fortunately I have a high tolerance for such heat, but the wife couldn’t even eat it. That said, she loved her roasted red pepper soup, lucky for me.

As for mains, both were good, but not great. I had the fried chicken, which they said was spicy, but after the shrimp, I don’t even think lava would’ve been considered “hot.” The wife had the Bi Bim Bap, which had gotten a shout out in reviews as being an inventive twist. Not sure what that twist was, as it tasted pretty much like any other BBB we’d ever had. Not bad. Just not special either.

The big issue being that it took 45 minutes to deliver our entrees from the time they cleared our apps.
So the lesson to be learned… Take out. No bad decor. No slow service. Just good food.

P.S. I went here a second time as a guest of the manager, so they knew they needed to up their game, and yet for some reason, they still couldn’t stick the landing. This time the service was amazing (shocker), but the food was very underwhelming. Oh well, at least I got an amazing restaurant tip from the manager. If you haven’t been, Azuma in Hartsdale is wonderful.

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