Blue Ribbon Bakery & Cafe

35 Downing St. New York, NY 10014(212) 337-0404 •

Having been to two of the Blue Ribbon restaurants now I can honestly say that I am done with the franchise. Not because they were bad by any stretch, but because they are consistently over-hyped. I ate at the Bakery and I found it very reminiscent of my Blue Ribbon Sushi experience a few years prior- good, but certainly not great.

And I was certain to have some of the more touted dishes, from the Bone Marrow to the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding (pictured). Neither were anything above three knives. Nor was my wife’s Filet Mignon, another dish that got raves.

Either New Yorkers are getting very generous with their stars, or I’m getting to be a crotchety old foodie. Either way, I say skip it. There are much better places in the city to spend your money, but if you’re dead set, enjoy the mediocrity with a side of “I told ya so.”

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