111 E 29th St. New York, NY 10016(212) 685-5585 •

What a nice find. Met a friend here for lunch and I have to say, it gave a strong showing.

Right out of the gate the decor is charming and cool at the same time, with great touches like the inventive “drink menu.”

For an appetizer, we split the deviled eggs, which were heavenly. Sorry, couldn’t resist. But seriously, best I’ve ever had. Granted they are a twist on the classic, but so incredibly creamy it was like eating a pillow of delicious.

For an entree, I had the special rib eye sandwich, which was also very good. But not quite at the level of the eggs, and not quite as good as other steak sandwiches such as BLT Steak’s or even Mangia’s Shortrib Scicciata.

The brussel sprout side was also good, but compared to Illili they are just okay.

And the biggest miss for me was the salted caramel sundae for dessert. Just eh.

The kitchen is also a bit slow. And by “a bit” I mean very. We were one of only a handful of tables and yet it took 90 minutes for our meal, and that was only because we ordered the dessert and the check while still finishing our entrees, otherwise it would’ve been easily two hours for lunch. What is this, Mad Men?

But net, net… I like. And if I did half knives I’d probably go 3.5. And I’d also probably go back in a second, if someone asked me (hint to friend).

3 teeth

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