Vinegar Hill House

72 Hudson Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11201(718)


Two words: Short ribs. My God! I know everyone raves about the chop, but my wife and I had them side by side and the chop paled by comparison. Served as a stew with a medley of vegetables and Gorgonzola, it was one dreamy bite after another and among the best short rib dishes I’ve ever had. And what an incredible feat to put out such mastery from a kitchen the size of a walk-in closet.

As a whole, everything was excellent that first meal. I had the octopus app and wifey had the watermelon salad. Both solid. Then the mains came, and we know who won that battle (see above).  But the okra & zucchini side we got was also pretty killer.

And for dessert, the Guinness Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting held it’s own as well, managing to satiate our sugar cravings, but without being all that sweet necessarily. Tempered by the beer I suppose. Oh, speaking of booze, even our cocktails were quite good.

In fact, the only nits we had were it’s location, which isn’t the most convenient on Earth, and the hostess who is often sporting a bit of a tude. Upon returning, however, a bit of spottiness has arisen. The menu has changed to be much more hit and miss, but when it comes to the pork entrees they still seem to know how to wow you just enough to keep you coming back.

So, in summary, what might’ve been five knives once upon a time has slid to four. It’s still fantastic and totally worth the wait, as they don’t take reservations, but the misses as of late have pulled it back a hair from perfection.

4 teeth

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