4040 Central Florida Pkwy. Orlando, FL 32837(407)


While it may be located in a JW Marriott, everything about it screams same old Marriott food you’d expect. The décor is over-sized, underwhelming and it felt dirty when we entered by the simple fact that where they sat us, we were literally surrounded by about a half a dozen un-bussed tables.

Then, of course there’s a buffet, which is overpriced and nothing special. So we tried to be clever and ordered a la carte- which is usually the best bet in my experience, but alas it turned out to be a la pointless, because the food was basically the same shit they serve in buffet bins at twice the price.

For example, I had the eggs benny, coming HIGHLY recommended by our waiter who said it was the best thing on the menu. Eggs from farm raised chickens, country ham from their own pigs, etc…

Now, I warned him that I am a bit picky about my eggs benny, but he assured me it was amazing… Well, as you can probably guess from my set up, it was just about the WORST eggs benny I have ever had. It tasted like it came out of the wrong hole in the chicken. That or it was a frozen Weight Watchers dish reheated. Seriously. Freezer burn was definitely the predominant flavor. The only saving graces were the home fries and the fact that the eggs were runny, as they should be. But so disgusting I would’ve sent them back had I not been in such a rush.

The other thing we got were the Belgian waffles which I was assured were good by my mother, but from the looks of them I was skeptical and decided to cut my loses until later when I grabbed a KIND bar to eat, just to get the taste of freezer burn out of my mouth.

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