Flying Fish Café

Disneys Board Walk Orlando, FL32830 (407) 939-3463

Not just the best restaurant in all of Disney, one of the best in Orlando. This place brings it in every single way. Nice décor. Great service. Great presentations. Fantastic food. If you truly want fine dining (yes, at Disney)- this is your place.

My only nits, and there aren’t many, were the wait, even though we had a reservation, and the fact that they sat us by the wait station (the third time in a row at a Disney restaurant- WTF?!?).

But beyond that, our waiter was a real pro. Quick. Spot on with his recommendations. Attentive to the kids. He literally made me forget about whatever I was bitching about before. Either that or it was the mussels app- WOW!!! So good. So fresh. And fresh is really the theme here- all of the fish is incredibly so, and impeccably prepared to order.

The salmon entrée was literally the best I’ve ever had. Such a complex layering of flavors and textures- including mustard, which admittedly I am a sucker for.

The tuna entrée my wife had was also quite good. The only miss, and by miss I mean “just okay,” certainly not bad, was the scallops and risotto. Skip it. It sounds better than it is, and it was our only stray from the waiter’s recos.

Wine was also a fantastic complement. We had the white Chateauneuf du Pape.

And for dessert, both the chocolate thing and the bread pudding were superb. But being that I am partial to bread pudding, I found myself gobbling it down like Jabba to a frog.

Now I know some of you might still be skeptical of a Disney restaurant being this excellent, but take it from a hardcore NYC foodie, this place is the real deal.

5 teeth

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