Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Ave. New York, NY10010 • (212) 889-0905 • elevenmadisonpark.com


I can only assume that the consistently ecstatic reviews of this place must only modify dinner, because it can’t possibly be the lunch. One of the most over-hyped under-delivered experiences I’ve ever had. The restaurant equivalent of watching the movie Seabiscuit. I was so underwhelmed, I started convincing myself that they must have a different chef for lunch than they do for dinner. Or that they forgot to serve me the same cool aid that everyone else has apparently been drinking.

And I wanted to like this place, I really did. But course after course after blasé course they just kept making it impossible for me. Granted, I know lunch is never the main event at places such as these, but to be a top restaurant in NYC, I’m sorry, if you’re doors open, you need to bring your A game. Otherwise, stay closed for lunch, which would be my strong recommendation.

Worse still, the food wasn’t the only thing that was a let down. Service was slow and inaccurate, messing up my dessert order, bringing me something I hadn’t even asked for. Then, after an even longer wait, they brought out the correct one, yet all three desserts were lack luster. I’m sorry, but with such a steep price tag and with so many other fantastic options in the Flatiron/Union Sq. area, this would fall near the very bottom of my list.

2 teeth

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