219 E Hartsdale Ave. Hartsdale, NY 10530 • (914)


LA caliber sushi in Westchester? Yes. And by “yes’ I mean VERY yes.

After hearing a glowing reco from a local restauranteur, we decided to give Azuma a try and I have to say, the skeptical expression was wiped clean from my face bite after incredibly fresh bite. In fact, even the word bite is a bit of an overstatement because you don’t even need your teeth to break through the fish. Your lips will do just fine, it’s that fresh.  So fresh there are only a handful of places in NYC that even compare- and nothing I’ve had in Westchester even comes close. That said, I haven’t been to Nanase, so TBD on that one.

As for what we had, well, the Omakase, of course. And WOW! Not a single miss on the plate.

Service is very friendly. And the prices are not to be believed. Hard to comprehend that other people found it pricey. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a sushi restaurant of this caliber and paid less than four times the price.

So, why not 5 knives you ask? I want to. I REALLY do. But the decor, which again, hard to believe others praised, is rather run down and outdated. The chairs are uncomfortable and the music is horrendous. I mean so bad the next time I go I might wear headphones. Like bad elevator music… from the 80’s.

But enough about the music and decor. Azuma is a jewel despite it all. And I am already planning my return- which can’t be soon enough.

P.S. I went again, and I stand by my word. Plus, the music was MUCH better this time. So I’d upgrade it to 4.5 knives if I could.

4 teeth

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