Union Square Café

21 E 16th St. New York, NY 10003(212) 243-4020unionsquarecafe.com


While I am definitely a fan of Danny Meyer, Union Square Café is my least favorite of his restaurants. Sort of like Batali, I find that he is better suited to more casual dining such as Smoke, or even more casual, Shake Shack. Granted it’s not like Union Square is particularly fancy. I honestly think it’s pretty modestly appointed as well. I know a lot of people swoon over the decor, but it’s definitely not swoon-worthy in my book. But I suppose that’s moot, because it would appear they are on the move. Guess the rent was too high for $$$ and he didn’t want to up it to $$$$. That said, when I ate there it tasted more like $$.

I was literally unimpressed by every last bite. Maybe it was all the hype. Maybe it was the fact that I went for lunch as opposed to dinner. But if you are truly a great restaurant, should any of that matter? I’m sure I will go again sometime down the road and perhaps eat some crow along with a fabulous meal, so until then, I stand by my knives.

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