Pony Express

30 Wheeler Ave. Pleasantville, NY 10570 • (914) 769-7669 • ponyexpresstogo.com


Really? I mean REALLY?!? Three and half stars? Are you Yelpers on crack? This place should be more aptly named Pony Excrement, because that’s what it tasted like- Horse Shit. Not one burger we ordered, and we ordered three, were even sort of good. This place makes McDonald’s taste like an explosion of gourmet brilliance.

I am seriously scratching my head at what people think is so great about these burgers. And I am not getting even for bad service or anything of the like. It’s just that the food was really that bad. Especially in comparison to other places in the area that have MUCH lower ratings. Let’s just take Westchester Burger Co.’s Napa Burger for starters… It blows away anything PE could even hope to make in their poor excuse for a kitchen. Or how about BGR (RIP)? The Wellington or the Southwestern both erupt with flavor by comparison to “The Churro” or “the Bomb” – which, in hind sight, was aptly named, because it bombed.

This place is a complete waste of calories. Don’t believe the hype. It’s probably been inflated by a bunch of stoned, drunken teenagers who wouldn’t know a great burger if it bit them in the ass.

1 tooth

One thought on “Pony Express

  1. Agreed. Two doors down is the best Mexican run by Mexicans. Sundance Deli’s flank steak burrito with spicy chipotle. How your mama should make it.


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