181 Thompson St. New York, NY 10012 • (212) 254-3000 •


Once again, I scratch my head at the Yelping consensus. To give this place less than four stars while scores of lesser restaurants enjoy the same inflated rating for shit that isn’t even worthy of half that praise is borderline criminal. And unfortunately getting foodie legislation passed is slow going, so I will attempt to right these wrongs one review at a time.

Here it goes… If you’ve ever eaten at Il Torrisi, than you pretty much know what you’re in for, more awesome Italian.

The highlights are easily the veal parm (best I’ve ever had… as well as largest) and a special raviolini that was so layered with flavors it took a good 3 minutes of chewing before I felt like I had truly tasted all it had to offer. Definitely one of the best pasta dishes ever to grace my chops.

Also quite toothsome was the wine and the garlic bread with fresh mozzarella.

On the mortal side of things were the stuffed clams and the langoustines, with the only flat out miss being the carrot cake. They should take it off the menu. Along with the napoleon cookies they serve complimentary. Neither are worth the calories, or a knife.

As for décor, I really love the vibe of this place, from the sign out front right down to the colorful, unique plates and blue walls.

And service is solid, knowledgeable, friendly and comfortable- with a touch of New York swagger, which I obviously don’t mind. As a result, the place feels like it’s been around forever somehow. In a good way.

4 teeth

4 thoughts on “Carbone

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