The Ultimate Slider


The Little Owl – New York, NY

These little meatball sliders lure you in with their petite, cute appearance. Almost so small you could pop one in your mouth with a single bite. But it is after that first single bite that you realize you don’t want it to ever end. In fact, you’ll want to eat these sliders so slow you’ll feel like you’re in a highlight reel on Sportscenter.

To break ‘em down, I believe they are a classic mix of pork, veal and beef, placed upon a mini brioche with some kind of wonderful “special sauce” that punches so far above its weight these things probably put out more flavor per gram than anything anyone ever placed on top of a bun.

Animal – West Hollywood, CA

If I could marry a restaurant, it would probably be Animal. They have SO many of my Ultimates it’s crazy. Like their Pork Belly slider, dripping with BBQ sauce and a wonderfully creamy coleslaw that make this thing shine like the messy-ass glob of godliness that it is.

What also helps is that they always manage to keep the belly VERY moist. I can’t tell you how many times, even at great restaurants, that they serve it dry. I’m sorry, but what’s the point of hard, chewy belly? Anyways, Animal gets it. And they get how to make a rockin’ slider, which is all that really matters in the end.

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