Father’s Office

1018 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90403(310) 393-2337 • fathersoffice.com


If I were just rating the Office Burger I would give it 5 knives without blinking because there is literally no better burger on the planet. Quite a statement, I know. But try one and believe! It’s all kinds of awesome. From the Grade A Prime to the blend of gruyere and gorgonzola to the bacon compote and watercress all stacked on a Portuguese roll.

Also, the micro brews on tap are fantastic. Solid fries as well. The only downsides to this place are the hours, the wait and trying to get a table. I recommend having a big breakfast and then showing up at Father’s Office right at 3PM when they open. You’ll slide right up to the front, get your burger, get a table and then let the bliss begin (no rezzy’s sad to say).

Also, don’t be askin’ for ketchup here. There is none. No tomato on the burger either- but trust me,  you’ll never even miss it.

4 teeth

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