18 Rue Bivouac Napoleon, 06400 Cannes, France • 624 16 33 97

Behind this charming little purple awning lies a tour de force of healthy, fresh salad making like the world has never seen. I mean we’re talking salads as good as desserts here people! I know I sound like a mad man, but Cocoon is the crazy one. Crazy good that is. Per the picture above, they have this one salad made with goat cheese wrapped in a pastry, served warm over a bed of caramelized apples all resting on garden fresh greens and tomatoes so flavorful it’s enough to make an American (like me) weep their GMO’s off!

And the best part is that it’s quite reasonable as meals go in Cannes. Plus the service is very friendly and accommodating (meaning they speak English), which is nice for those of us who were lazy and never learned a second language.

5 teeth



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