Takumi Taco

27 N 6th St. New York, NY 11211(917) 710-4757takumitaco.com


I’ve only eaten at their stand at Madison eats, so don’t hold me accountable for things like décor and service.

The food, however, is pretty, pretty tasty (to be read like Larry David). I ordered the Bento Box which came with my choice of two Asian inspired tacos a side salad and my choice of side. As a result, I went with the Spicy Tuna and Short Rib tacos and the Charred Corn side.

Of my choices I went 2 for 3. The Spicy Tuna is very good, served in a rice-based taco shell.

The charred corn was also a solid good, mixed with edamame peas, chives and peppers, then tossed in an Asian vinaigrette.

The short rib taco, however was extremely dry, necessitating a healthy dose of Sriracha to bring it back from the dead.

And the side salad really isn’t even worth mentioning. That said, the Japanese Arnold Palmer is. Done with a very nice floral green tea.

Looking forward to another box, sans short rib, of course.

3 teeth

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