Tres Carnes

688 6th Ave. New York, NY 10010 • (212)


During the week the line is around the block so I had never tried it before. But during the weekends it’s apparently much easier to get in and get out. So, I took advantage. And now I know why there’s a line around the block all the time.

First, the smell alone when you walk in is so damn good I’d swear I was Pavlov’s dog in another life. And once I saw brisket on the menu- fuggetaboutit!

And by that I mean, it’s UN-forgettable. Easily the best burrito I’ve ever had. And I was a bit worried, because I was like a kid in candy store, putting virtually every ingredient they had into this thing- the street-cart corn, the smoky guac and the chipotle squash. But the preparations of everything are so complex and masterfully layered with depths of flavor that I can’t even begin to describe, other than to say it was like burrito poetry in my mouth.

The pork shoulder is also money. Skip the chicken. But no matter what you choose, it still puts that other fast burrito place to shame. Chipotle you are officially on notice. If you want to keep up with Tres Carnes I suggest you actually go back to the start.

5 teeth

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