Rocket Pig

463 W 24th St. New York, NY 10001 • (212) 645-5660 •


If I were a pig and took a bite of this sandwich, I think I would have to keep chewing- full knowing that it is in fact pig that I’m eating. That’s how good it is.

So why not 5 stars? Well, I didn’t actually go here. Someone else picked up take out for me. So I am reserving judgment on decor and service until I return, which will happen as soon as my arteries forgive me.

As for the desserts, they are pretty sick as well. The bacon caramels are so rich I couldn’t decide if I was experiencing bliss or disgust. The brownie is a solid good. But the belles of the ball for me were the hazelnut cream cookies.

And yes, I feel like Jabba the Hutt right now.

4 teeth

2 thoughts on “Rocket Pig

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