Sapori Italian Restaurant

324 Central Ave. White Plains, NY 10606


And now for a dose of reality…

It is PAINFULLY clear after eating here that the Yelpers who reviewed this place must not have been what one would call “foodies.” That said, at least they picked up on the poor service. But here’s everything else they missed, from someone who actually has discerning tastes:

First, the bread. Right out of the gate, we knew we were in trouble with stale breadsticks and dry, crumbly focaccia . Served with an olive oil that was probably Berio. And to think people actually touted this!

Then there’s the wine list, which may have some nice bottles on it, but to be out of not one, but two different choices on it is absurd. This was especially bad because they let us order the bottles both times, disappearing to fetch them, before eventually telling us that they were out of them, killing the first hour without anything to drink and our orders yet to be taken.

And then there’s the highly praised burrata. You people obviously know squat about food, because the tomatoes were served ice cold. What chef refrigerates tomatoes?!?! As a result, they were mealy and tasteless.

Then the entrees came and while mine, the osso bucco, was passable- meaning edible, my wife’s fish was as bland as balsa wood and not even served according to the preparation that was described.

And for dessert, the ice cream tasted more like redi-whip and the molten chocolate was very lacking in the molten department.

But at least the service- oh wait, that sucked royally too.

But at least the decor- nope. Nothing to speak of there either. It’s just okay.

Sad to say, but I struggle to find anything nice to say about this place other than the fact that it was good to spend time with friends- oh, and that the valet didn’t lose my car.

1 tooth


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